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Jap Nuggets

Boyle's Jap Nuggets, not the most politically correct of names but they herald from a time when the world was more innocent and the name was used to denote its exotic origins rather than cause offence.

Unfortunately it seems Jap Nuggets aren't made anynmore however we managed to dig out an original recipe for this vintage traditional sweet from The Candy Maker's Guide (1896)


    * 2 pounds of white sugar
    * 4 pounds of glucose
    * 4 pounds desiccated unsweetened cocoanut (Coconut)
    * Yellow food coloring
    * 1 1/2 pounds of Farina (Semolina)
    * 2 pints water


Mix the ingredients in a copper pan; boil on a slow fire to form a stiff ball,  stirring all the time. Add food coluoring to fancy; when ready, pour carefully on an oiled plate, making the sheet about half an inch thick; when cold, dust with pulverized sugar and cut up with sharp knife to size.

N.B. A few loose iron bars are useful to form a square on the pouring plate, in proportion to size of boil; that the exact thickness of sheet may be determined.

Last Updated: November 06, 2010